Jon Boden - Afterglow Tour 2017

Jon Boden walks on stage to warm applause from the half full Corby Cube theatre and launches into a series of traditional songs, ballads and shanties. Some are familiar from his time with Bellowhead, others less so.

Anglo Welsh Cup

Am I alone in suddenly seeing the value of the Anglo Welsh Cup. For years I have dismissed it as a Mickey Mouse event not worthy of my attention. This season something feels different about it. It seems to have found an identity and purpose all of it’s own and as a consequence is actuallly pretty enjoyable.

WSET Wine Game

I’ve recently discovered the WSET Wine Game thanks to a post from David Lowe on Big Pinots.
The game is good fun and certainly helps to educate on the geography of wine regions around the world. As you progress through the game the focus of the questions intensifies and you find yourself having to identify villages within wine areas.

Flow Efficiency

A few years ago now I saw David Anderson giving a talk titled How Deep is Your Kanban?. The concept of measuring the depth of a Kanban system is one I have found useful since that point. It in itself is a useful feedback loop and can be used to capture the journey that a team has undergone.

Project Mapping

I’ve recently been introducing colleagues to the Cynefin framework as a tool to help select the appropriate approach to a piece of work.